Books with Bubbles

The inaugural “Books with Bubbles” evening, the flagship event for the Skirts & Ladders network, was held in February 2013. The evening featured Jenny Garrett, a sought after executive coach, mentor, consultant and author, as the keynote speaker. With 20 attendees from a variety of different professions, a range of exciting conversations were held during the course of the evening.

The evening itself was geared around the topic of Female Breadwinners – a situation that more and more women are finding themselves in these days. After hearing about Jenny’s own experiences and those garnered while writing her book, Rocking your Role, we split into two separate groups, each of which held a moderated discussion.

79% of attendants said that they gained something from the event that would positively affect their career, and a stunning 100% said that the presenters/moderators delivered the material well.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and we’re looking forward to more in the future. Stay tuned for news of the next ‘Books with Bubbles!’