“A woman uses her intelligence to find reasons to support her intuition.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

December 4, 2012

It’s an ages old myth that women are more intuitive than men. It stems from the idea that women excel at the arts, while men dominate the sciences. At the same time, it’s widely acknowledged that a key quality of successful leaders is intuition. Many articles have discussed the need to be able to trust…

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“Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.” – Ambrose Bierce

October 9, 2012

A friend of mine was recently ruminating on the concept of making time. How do you ‘make time’? What does that mean anyway? How does one make time? Find time. Also peculiar. Time is time, it’s just there, all the time. I don’t have time, but I don’t not have time. There is always time.…

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Jo Rowling

“My writing path isn’t dependent on what people expect or say of the work.” – Jo Rowling

September 27, 2012

Yes, I said Jo Rowling. I know from her recent interviews that it’s a name that she associates with her private self, not her professional self. So perhaps I shouldn’t call her that, but hey, it’s her name. We all know the story: on the eve of publishing, she was asked to choose a more gender-neutral name, to appeal to all the boys that were the target demographic of the scrawny character named Harry Potter […]

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“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Lily Tomlin

September 10, 2012

Earlier this year, whilst experiencing a fit of boredom, general 20-something anguish “what am I doing with my life?” and a desire to actually live life instead of being chained to a desk, I decided to go to Africa for three months. My company runs a program to send employees on pro-bono assignments with our…

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