Our Mission

Skirts & Ladders is a dynamic and growing environment where early career women connect, order gain key skills to enable them to proficiently navigate professional business sectors and develop the support network they need as the number of women reduce on the journey up.

Our network is one of the first in the UK specifically designed for women in their first few years in the working world.

We believe that:

  • Women have to have each other’s backs, sales there is no room for bitchy competitiveness. We are here to foster a supportive, natural and enjoyable way for women to get to know each other and become each other’s biggest cheerleaders.
  • The bigger your network is from Day 1, the more opportunities come your way. Jobs are easier to get when you know the right person, and so are promotions. Internal networks are a dime a dozen, but the real value comes from knowing people outside the firm: it can give you competitive advantage in your job, it always gives you a personal advantage when changing jobs.
  • Professional environments historically reward male characteristics, particularly higher expectations, higher self-confidence and a linear career path with no breaks. Women need to learn how to navigate these issues while retaining the unique traits they bring to the table, and they need to learn as quickly as possible so they remain on par with their peers.

Skirts & Ladders is here to generate meaningful and substantial connections, while equipping women with the skillset and mindset they need to compete in the real world.

Our dream is that one day there will be enough women entering those office blocks so this type of network won’t even be necessary – but until then, we’ll find a way to create an environment that works for us until we have enough of a presence at all levels of the firm for it to happen naturally.